— Welcome, I'm Silvia Batraneanu



A journey towards increased self-awareness and fulfillment

I’m a certified professional coach, PhD in computer science and entrepreneur, passionate about personal and organizational transformation and continuous improvement. 
Beyond these different tags, I consider myself to be a free spirit
, profoundly believing that living consciously:  


  • in alignment with one’s values,
  • cultivating harmony and respect for others and for oneself, 
  • and especially taking hold of one’s destiny by a high degree of responsibility 

is a sure path toward a more authentic and fulfilling life. 


During my career of almost 20 years in IT, I had the opportunity to work in completely different environments. On one side, one of the biggest research laboratories in the world, with its great human and cultural diversity and its important technological and organizational challenges. On the other, a small agile company with its specific dynamics and needs.  

I played different roles from IT engineering, to R&D and operational management for one of the subsystems of the ATLAS experiment, one of the largest in the world. Afterward I’ve turned even more my attention towards operational excellence, agility and continuous improvement. Lately, I’ve coordinated the evolution of the entire digital platform of a company, while intervening also in its overall evolution strategy. 

 When reflecting on my journey, I feel plenty of gratitude and satisfaction. I’m grateful for all the experiences that came my way because in each one of them, there was an opportunity to learn and evolve.

But, I was not always aware of that. In different moments of my journey, I felt blocked, stressed, overcharged, demotivated, disconnected and lacking clarity. Instead of thriving in my work, I was surviving. I sometimes lost sight of my contribution and felt out of touch with the company’s values and mission.  



Six years ago, I had the opportunity and inspiration to give myself time to take a step back and reflect on what is causing my unsatisfaction and on what I want for the future. I started to explore personal development, to take coaching sessions and to practice non-violent communication. I’ve started making substantial investments in .. myself!

And my life started to transform. More clarity, awareness, proactivity and strategic actions resulting in a professional reorientation that was responding to my definition of success.

I could feel more contribution, satisfaction, creativity, authenticity, confidence and connection with others and much less self-imposed barriers, victimization and comparison with others. 

Since then, I continued to be attentive to my needs and aspirations and to act to preserve alignment.  I’ve adopted a way of functioning in short cycles of improvement, similar to how I was doing with the processes I was supervising at work. 



My experience of working consciously, the many hours spent reading, being coached or practicing non-violent communication, made me also more open and attentive to the experience of other people in my circle and who I was supervising or mentoring.  


The current cycle, as a consultant and coach in wellbeing at work, brings me even more contribution, oriented even more towards the humane experience and gathers the fruits of my different experiences (humane, organizational and strategic) inside or outside the professional environment. 


Why  “L’Essentiel en Toi” ?



  Today, the different forms of ill-being at work such as  stress, overcharge, demotivation, lack of meaning and conflicts, are so present that they almost became normal.  “L’Essentiel en Toi” was born from a profound desire to act against this new norm. 

My mission is to accompany as much people as possible on their journey from coping with their ill-being at work towards thriving at work. I’ve made this journey, and I’m aware of its phases and implications. 

I’m also profoundly convinced that every one of us has all the resources needed to succeed in his/her professional life. 

But what does “professional success” mean? And how to aim for success when it’s not clear what it means to us?
Every person has his/her own definition of success, which sometimes can be very different from what social norms are proposing. 

Without knowing it, we are trying to fit into already existing definitions (climb the hierarchical ladder, earn more money) and we risk of exposing ourselves to long-lasting ill-being and, even worse, not living our true lives.  

  ”L’Essentiel en Toi” is proposing an introspection to discover your challenges, your needs, your strong points, your values and aspirations to help you clarify where you are today, where do you want to go in the future and what is our definition of professional success. 

 Once the direction is set, I’ll join your crew and we’ll start navigating with proactivity, strategy and persistence. As captain of your life, it’s up to you to sail toward your success. 

 I invite you to give yourself all the time and resources needed for this journey, and to massively invest in …yourselves ! It is really worth it!


My proposal

— 01

Happiness at Work - the lab

“Happyness at work – the lab” is an online program built to help you gain clarity over your situation, your professional challenges, your vision, your goals and your relationships in order to allow you to take charge and create an empowering professional life. 

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Happiness at Work - the workshops

Each workshop will be dedicated to a certain topic: for example, finding meaning at work, building a more fulfilling career, expressing ours needs and our healthy boundaries, using positive feedback, how to better manage remote-working, stress and/or overload.

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Individual sessions

During these sessions we are going to make an assessment of your situation, identify the direction you want to take and what are your main resources and difficulties. We can then find strategies that can help you improve your situation and actions that can help you remain motivated and in movement towards your desired results on the short, medium and long term.