Individual sessions

Who is it for ?
What does it contain ?

Group sessions

Exploration around the topic common to all participants

Sessions in small groups (maximum 6 persons) during which we are going to discuss the topics common to all participants and strategies to advance in our journey.  

Collective intelligence

We’ll activate the power of collective intelligence to get inspired and help each other with the help of methods like brainstorming and co-development.

Practice a more humane and effective way of communication

We’ll learn how to express our emotions, needs and healthy boundaries, to listen to others and their needs and boundaries and identify win-win scenarios in which the needs of all parties are met. 

Engaging and taking action

In front of the group, we are going to commit to taking certain actions who will help us advance towards our goals. We’ll work in pairs between sessions to encourage and support each other. 

Happiness at Work - the workshops

How to find meaning and motivation in one's job ?

Our individual contribution is not always easy to identify, mainly due to the system’s complexity and to the lack of feedback on our work.  This phenomenon is sometimes amplified by a mismatch between our individual values and the ones of our company. This combination represents one of the main causes for losing meaning and motivation at work. 

We’ll analyze the situation with the help of specific introspection tools, which will bring you more clarity on the topic and make it easier to act towards improving your situation. 

How to build a fulfilling career, aligned with one's profound values and aspirations ?

What are the values that drive you, your passions and your aspirations? What do you really want to do? Which environment and type of work will allow you to be more fulfilled?  Is all this in coherence with your current job and environment, and if not, what are the differences? What will you need to gain coherence on this topic?

You are going to explore these questions to gain more clarity on what a “fulfilling career” means for you.  

How to identify and express our needs and healthy boundaries?

The main cause behind relationship problems is the lack of understanding of our needs and healthy boundaries, and of those of the surrounding persons. 

We are going to explore how we can identify and put into words our needs and healthy boundaries. This exercise will also help us become more open and receptive to the needs and healthy boundaries of others. 

How to give and ask for positive feedback ?

In today’s culture, we have the habit to communicate only the things that don’t go well. We are going to swim against this current by learning the art of positive feedback and its immense potential. 
We’ll also learn how to ask for honest, constructive feedback that will allow us to progress and to better understand the gap between our perception and the perception of others.  

How to better manage stress and overload ?

We are going to explore different strategies to better cope with stress, pressure and overload. We’ll also see how to maintain a good balance between work and personal lives in these conditions. 

How to better manage working remotely ?

Remote work is practical and comfortable, but also has its downsides. How to remain and feel more connected to others? How to make a clear-cut between work and personal life of the evening and avoid jumping into work first thing in the morning? What do good life hygiene and balance mean for you?
We’ll explore these questions to gain in serenity and well-being during our days of remote work.  

Choose a more fulfilling career and life

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