— Welcome, I'm Silvia Batraneanu



A journey towards increased self-awareness

I accompany IT and tech professionals on their journey towards fulfillment.

I’m a certified professional coach, PhD in computer science and entrepreneur, passionate about personal and organizational transformation and continuous improvement. 
Beyond these different tags, I consider myself to be a free spirit
, profoundly believing that living consciously:  


  • in alignment with one’s values,
  • cultivating harmony and respect for others and for oneself, 
  • and especially taking hold of one’s destiny by a high degree of responsibility 

is a sure path toward a more authentic and fulfilling life. 


During my 17 year-career in IT, from which 11 years at CERN, the prestigious nuclear physics research lab located near Geneva, and 4 years as a CTO of a small health insurance company, I had the opportunity to play different roles and get involved in a wide range of activities (R&D, support, operations, management, digital and enterprise strategy, agility, process continual improvement).  I also had the privilege to work with many people from different nationalities and cultures, holding very different roles.   


Despite all these exciting aspects of my professional life, a life which could have been perceived as “perfect” from the point of view of social norms, I was feeling trapped in a kind of “golden cage” which was diminishing me bit by bit. 

Lack of authenticity, imposter syndrome, victimization, self-generated limitations, lack of clarity, disconnection from others and from myself were contributing to my lack of well-being and were provoking blockages which were affecting both my physical and my mental health.  


Five years ago, I discovered the universe of personal development and coaching in particular. This has represented the beginning of a real transformation in my professional and personal life. 


Coaching and deep inner work allowed me to gain perspective and better understand my difficulties. I also gained much more clarity around who I was, what my values were and what I really wanted. This work allowed me to discover my authentic self and to reconnect with myself and with others. 

I was able to act upon and improve step by step different aspects of my life. The journey was not easy, but after a few years of work with a real intention of creating a more authentic life, more aligned with who I really am, I can say that the benefits largely overpass my efforts. 



Why  “L’Essentiel en Toi” ?



I consider coaching and the different methods around personal development that I have experimented as some of the most precious gifts that life has offered me. In a profound alignment with who I am, my mission is to offer this gift to others. 


I wish to accompany you on your own unique journey towards fulfillment and help you discover who you really are and to reconnect with yourselves and with other authentically.  

I also wish to help you gain more clarity on the values that drive you, on your goals, mission and priorities. This will naturally bring you the motivation needed to act in a concrete manner towards your definition of success. 


My proposal

— 01

Individual sessions

During these sessions we are going to make an assessment of your situation, identify the direction you want to take and what are your main resources and difficulties. We can then find strategies that can help you improve your situation and actions that can help you remain motivated and in movement towards your desired results on the short, medium and long term.

— 02

Group sessions

During these sessions we are going to discuss themes which are common to all participants and develop strategies to advance towards our goals. We’ll activate the power of collective intelligence to get inspired, help each other and advance together.

— 03

Interactive workshops

Each workshop will be dedicated to a certain topic: for example, finding meaning at work, building a more fulfilling career, expressing ours needs and our healthy boundaries, using positive feedback, how to better manage remote-working, stress and/or overload.