Explore the essence of an empowering professional life

“L’Essentiel en Toi” accompanies you in creating a rewarding and fulfilling professional life.

Explore the essence of an empowering professional life

“L’Essentiel en Toi” accompanies you in creating a rewarding and fulfilling professional life.

Looking for a more fulfilling work life ?


Reduce stress and overload

Stress and overcharge are so present in our daily work lives that we no longer realize they are there. 


Nevertheless, they have a major impact on our physical and mental health. 

Understanding the causes of these problems will allow you to better identify strategies to improve your situation. 


Take charge of your professional life

Everyday life with its duties and distractions give us little opportunities to take a step back and evaluate what is really important for us. 

Result :  we often found ourselves in situations that we didn’t really choose, and we experiment a form of fog and bearable ill-being.  

Together, we can do that step back on your situation and what you really want to create a professional present and future that really resonate with you. 


Reconnect with others, invest in your relationships

Our relationships play a key more in our wellbeing and success at work. 

Learning how to identify and express our feelings, needs and healthy boundaries helps us overcome the majority of our difficulties such as stress, overcharge, conflicts and organizational issues. 

We can even go a step further and learn how to aim for win-win situations and to do positive and constructive feedback. 

How can "L'Essentiel en Toi" help you ?

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Happiness at Work - the lab

“Happyness at work – the lab” is an online program built to help you gain clarity over your situation, your professional challenges, your vision, your goals and your relationships in order to allow you to take charge and create an empowering professional life. 

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Happiness at Work - the workshops

Each workshop is dedicated to a certain topic: for example, finding meaning at work, building a more fulfilling career, expressing ours needs and our healthy boundaries, using positive feedback, how to better manage remote-working, stress and/or overload.

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Individual sessions

During these sessions we are going to make an assessment of your situation, identify the direction you want to take and what are your main resources and difficulties. We can then find strategies that can help you improve your situation and actions that can help you remain motivated and in movement towards your desired results on the short, medium and long term.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Hello, I'm Silvia Batraneanu

I'm a certified professional coach and consultant specialized in wellbeing at work

I accompany you on your journey towards more fulfillment by helping you discover your essence and act to build a career and a life based on authenticity, responsibility and alignment with your deepest values and dreams.